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Paddle Shifter 

It is a part to double the fun during driving by operating gear change under hand.
It is a commodity paddle shifter which can be used in shift changing by the paddle lever switch like driving a dreaming F1 machine. Recently, if the steering wheel is changed, the shift change function cannot be used for AT vehicle with a built-in shift change switch in the original steering wheel. However, by using this product shift change can still be operated even the original steering wheel has been changed. The paddle lever can be adjusted ±10mm and it is possible to adjust to meet the hand size and steering wheel diameter.

The paddle shifter is sold as a commodity and basically wiring work is necessary for all installation. Professional technology, electricity tester, some tools are necessary for wiring operations.

The paddle shifter is installed between the boss kit and the steering wheel, so the steering wheel will be closed to the driver approx. 20mm. We recommend our short boss to be installed with this product for those who want to keep the original position/distance from the steering wheel.

For vehicles with sports shift (operating gear up/down by shift lever), this product can be used by applying the connecting electric point of the contact slip ring steering wheel in the steering column and the vehicle, but it is necessary to work on the wirings by the customer himself. For some vehicles, it is also can be connected by using the airbag wirings.

This product cannot be installed with the original steering wheel. Basically original steering wheel means the steering wheel which is fixed only on the center. The steering wheel which is fixed in 6 points by M5 screws is necessary for installing this product. Please purchase our Column Shifter which can be installed with the original steering wheel.
* Special electricity circuit may necessary for some vehicles, and the price changes on this occasion.
* Boss kit and steering wheel are necessary for installing this product.
* Wiring work may be necessary for some vehicles in installation.