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Night-Pager is a part manufacturer who concentrates on developing metal processed products. We deal in various parts for beginners and senior customers。Our developing point is to make parts which can be installed by customer himself, to make parts which can be felt by the user, to make parts which can be enjoyed by the user. We have been released products based on these developing points. Please take a look at our website.

TEL: +81(0)3-6715-9412

FAX: +81(0)3-6715-9413

Note: Our staffs may go outside sometimes, if you have any questions about our products, please contact us by email below.


Work time: AM9:00~PM7:00

Regular Holiday: Saturday, Sunday, and Japanese Holidays (race day, event day)

Address: 3-17-13 minamirokugo, Ota-Ku, Tokyo 144-0045, Japan

We may not contact you in time on holidays or event days, if there is anything urgent, please contact us by phone.

* We do not support any secondhand or transfer products.

* Repair parts or requests for another manual will be charged. Please contact us on these occasions.


Concern between the customer and the product
We will not responsible for any wrongs, troubles, wounds or accidents happen during installing or using our products. Auto factory has made vehicles and products after continuous research and development for customers based on safety. We have tried to develop safe products for customer to use comfortably. However, the safety provided by auto factory cannot be secured by exchanging the characteristics, functions or conveniences of the product. On these occasions the responsibility of consideration on safety should be taken on the customer. Please kindly understand these in order to use our products with your vehicle safely and comfortably.

About return/exchange
Any return, exchange of good product under customers’ convenience is not acceptable. For example, reasons like “the product is different from what I thought; I do not know how to install the product; I want to exchange the product etc. or the product which is being used is strange and I want to exchange or refund” cannot be replied with. Please be understandable once purchasing our products.