PADDLE SHIFTER + ENG of night-pager ナイトペイジャ公式ホームページ


This item allows shift change to be operated on one hand. We have made this product once we got a talk from a wheelchair driver. Normally, shift change is operated by both hands, right hand(up), left hand(down), but by using this Paddle Shifter PLUS, gear up/down can be performed by one hand. Gear up can be performed by pulling the lever to the driver side; and gear down can be performed by pushing the lever to the opposite side. It is possible to complete the performance in the opposite way due to some wiring works. The paddle lever is set for either right-use or left-use. Please indicate which one you want to purchase once placing the order.

* Special electricity circuit may necessary for some vehicles, and the price changes on this occasion.
* Boss kit and steering wheel are necessary for installing this product.
* Wiring work may be necessary for some vehicles in installation.