COLUMN SHIFTER ENG of night-pager ナイトペイジャ公式ホームページ

Column Shifter 

Column Shifter allows shift change to be realized without removing the original steering wheel. The original airbag, auto cruise, audio control switch etc. can be still used. It is possible to perform shift change by using the original paddle lever after installing this product.

Warning1: Column cover work is necessary when install this product. Hand drills and drills are necessary for opening holes on the column cover. Also, electricity technology and tools (like tester) are necessary. We have got many questions like “Is it possible to install this product by myself?” however we do not know what kind of technology or tools the customer has and it is impossible to reply this kind of questions. For installation, technology of dismantling, tester, ground/earth wire and outlet etc. are necessary. If there is anything unclear, please contact us directly.
Warning2: This product can only be purchased from our sales center or website.