NA BLOW OFF VALVE ENG of night-pager ナイトペイジャ公式ホームページ

■ NA Blow-off Valve (electronic sound maker)

What is NA Blow-off Valve?
NA Blow-off Valve is a part which allows vehicle equipped with naturally aspirated engine making the same sounds like the sounds from the back turbine wind of turbo vehicle. The sound comes out by releasing accelerator. The sound point can be adjusted and the sound comes out from the accompanying small speaker.

The sound can be changed by the strength of stepping on the accelerator. If the accelerator is stepped on weakly, the sound is A; and if the accelerator is stepped on strongly, the sound will changed to B. There is no sound when the accelerator is released slowly.
*Feeling function can be adjusted.
Installation conditions: The air flow meter or pressure signal of the vehicle is during 0~5V, and cannot be installed on vehicle during 5~0V. This item cannot be installed on carburetor vehicle either.
Warning1: This product cannot be installed on some vehicles with Karmann style air flow.
Warning2: The product may not work on some vehicles.

Questions and answers
Q: If the sound style can be changed?
A: The sound style cannot be changed.

Q: What kind of sound comes out at the beginning?
The standard spec is 2 kinds of sound.
1. Step on the accelerator weakly→sound A
2. Step on the accelerator strongly→sound B

Q: Is the wiring installation easy?
A: There are 3 wirings, one for 12V power, one for ground/earth wire and the last one for connecting to the air flow meter.

Q: Does the sound come out at any time once releasing the accelerator?
A: The original blow off valve almost does not work when release the accelerator slowly, sound only comes out once the accelerator is totally released and turns off suddenly. For example, the sound comes out once shift change is operated on speed up in 1/4 Mile times or on the circuit when accelerator on and off are repeated. However the sound does not come out when release the accelerator slowly in half accelerator on street. This product can adjust the sound coming out easily or difficultly by feeling function.

Q: It is written that the sound comes out from the loudspeaker, so does the product have volume adjust function? If the sound is not enough, is it possible to make the sound bigger?
A: Volume can be adjusted, but the loudspeaker has a limit to the sound. If the sound is still not enough, it is necessary to change the inside amplifier or the speaker and this is impossible to handle.

Q: Where should the speaker to be installed?
A: Basically, the speaker should be placed on the place far from influence of heat, dirt or water. We have placed the speaker (trumpet faces to the ground) on the place where heat influence is low and far from the exhaust parts in the engine room. The sound sounds good by placing the trumpet facing to the ground. If the speaker is placed around the grill, the sound will be affected by the wind sound and cannot be heard clearly.

Q: Comparing to the real sound, does the sound from this product seem fake?
The product is named as NA Blow-off, so the sound is closed to the real sound?
A: The real sound can only come out from the real item; we did not make this product try to close to the real item. The real sound comes out due to operation volume, operation area etc. The real item sound changes from the operation volume and the changeable boost pressure during driving. The sound of NA Blow-off Valve comes out from the speaker, and it has a wavelength limit, so it is different from the real item. It is difficult to say that if it will be noticed once comparing to the real item, coz the way of listening and feeling is different from people. It would be very pleased if customer accepts the sound as the original sound of this product itself. We have produced this item for people who are tired of the normal blow-off of turbo vehicle.

Q: If this product can be installed on AT step wagon vehicles?
A: This product can be installed on both AT and MT vehicles. The former NA Blow-off series could not be installed on some vehicles such as Carman style airflow of Mitsubishi, carburetor vehicle, while this product can be also installed on these vehicles.

Q: Can the product be returned after purchasing the product and disliking the sound?
A: The product can only be returned in case the product does not operate by accident during transportation. Please kindly be noticed that the product cannot be returned coz it is different from expected.

Q: Is there guarantee on this product?
A: Basically, there is a three-month guarantee on this product. Charged repair is available beyond guarantee period on occasions such as wiring short. Rules and guarantee paper are attached to the product.

Q: If the product is purchased on auction, is it possible to ask for the installation manual?
A: If this product is purchased on auction or from other channels, we will not answer any questions by phone or email

Q: If the product is installed on a scooter, does the sound come out by releasing accelerator?
A: If it is installed on air flow vehicle changing during 0~5V, we think the sound will come out. * It is not confirmed in 2011.